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December 29, 2006



Excellent post! I love what you said about life being a combination if "successes" and "failures" and each person finding his own path and "owning" his own accomplishments.


I thought it would be nice to update readers that find themselves here after reading the story of my unschooled son in college. Eric indeed did successfully transition out onto his mission (out West) in mid-January. It has now been over two months and the whole process has been seamless (highly unusual)! This shows that when someone feels strongly about something, he or she can do it, no matter what the sacrifice involved. Eric didn't find the value in sacrificing at the time of 16 for college. He had decided at 19 to sacrifice 2 years in full-time service to the Lord.

Eric has mindfully chosen his path, and gone through the ups and downs, successes and failures, to get there. He will have hills and valleys on his mission, no doubt. And his life's journey will continue upon his return in January, 2009, to parts unknown! What a privilege to be part of his life story . . .



My vote is sucess! Way to go.


Maybe if you spent more time actually teaching your kids something they wouldn't be in the predicament they are in with your feeling a need to defend your educational neglect. Sorry but it's true. Too many unschoolers and homeschoolers spend more time talking about their kids than they do spending time with the children.


Everyone has their opinions and perspectives about how to parent and choices on how to educate their children. With choice comes accountability. I have chosen to parent and educate in the most hands-on way available. This means it more obviously appears to rest completely on my shoulders, but in actuality, those who public, private, or charter school should feel as responsible as I do (one is just using those institutions as resources for their parental responsibility to educate their children).

That said, I am absolutely meeting my goals as a parent and educator with my children. I have young adults who have passion and purpose (they found their gifts). I have young people who feel responsible for creating their own lives, and are not afraid to break out of the mold of the "sheeple mentality" in our society, in finding opportunities that further their goals. Maybe most importantly, I have young people who are seeking happiness today that they intend to build upon to continue this happiness into tomorrow.

I'm not defending anything, I'm celebrating!


Oh, I neglect my kids all the time. It's a habit I developed when I started listening to my children's own growth process instead of the robotic, inhuman outcome based educational models from which tons of kids have "graduated" and some with as many life skills and educationally related skills as my 10 year old possesses. There is no such thing as a "success" outcome. Life is a process.

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