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June 24, 2007



This is exactly why I homeschool. This is what I have been trying to tell those who ask, "Why are you doing this?" with the implication that I must be insane if I enjoy homeschooling. Thanks for writing this.


Beautifully written. You expressed my sentiments exactly. Some days, however, I am suddenly hit with a tinge of guilt and nervousness that we have spent 3 hours on the beach, digging in the sand and playing in the waves, rather than inside "learning". I might just have to print this post and put it in my beach bag to remind me of the inherent value in our beach time.


This is so nicely written. I am choosing to homeschool my 2 sons for many of the reasons stated here. As boys, I want them to have more of a "true" view and great respect for the women of this world. Not a "visual" opinion of their image. We do have the "Barbie" mentality in our society. It is challenging even with boys to express that this is not how "real women/girls" are supposed to be. I am very blessed with many wonderful men and women around us, helping to enforce the deep love and respect of our individual body types, and clothing choices. My boys do not , as of yet, seem to be interested in the "mainstream pop culture" style.

I enjoy these articles very much. I get such encouragement here.



Slowing down time would be a great super power. To be able to hold my baby a little longer, snuggle with my prescholer a bit longer, and have a while longer before they grow up completely.


"Competitive reading programs for grade-school children are available at fast food chains and will spur the scholars of tomorrow! Whats the rush? What is so great about reading ten books instead of five?"

Bravo! As I contemplate once again whether to enter the children in the myriad of "summer reading" programs, I ask myself "why?" The children are reading now, because they love to read...not because they will receive a small pizza, an ice cream cone or a flashlight. There is so much competition between the children who are reading in these programs...the last thing I need at home is a competition ;-D Slow down, let the kids play in the sprinkler, read a book slowly--let the words actually sink in...thanks for the reminder!


I love this post. You say so many incredible things, it could be 3 articles! Slowing down is exactly what chidlren need. My 10 yo dd still plays with lots of toys. She frowns at the latest fashions, especially the ones that reveal far too much. All of my children play together because they aren't hindered by ideas about age. My 7 yo is discovering reading and writing one word, one book, one hand-written note at a time. So cool. Slow and easy. Thanks for the awesome post!


Thank you all for your thoughtful comments. You can given me such encouragement, as many of you tell me that I have given you. We are lucky, indeed!


I thought your post was great. This is why I started homeschooling but I have lost sight of that as I had more and more children reaching homeschooling age and had more and more that I wanted to do with each one.

Thank you for inspiring all of us homeschooling moms to take a deep breath and see the joy in being less goal oriented and in finding the beauty in seeing our children be children.

On an unrelated note - where do you shop for little-girlish clothing? My daughter (a very small 5 year old)is just leaving the toddler sized clothing and I am finding that I do not like the girl departments nearly as much as the baby ones.


Thanks for asking, Megan. I actually took it out of my post because I thought maybe it was too much, but I've spent a lot of time thinking about it and I'd love to share. We like Gymboree -- some of their offerings are too sophisticated for my taste, but we've found lots we like there. The stores are okay, but on-line is key. They size up to 12, I think [some size that seems far off in the future for me]. Lands End (also on-line) is good. On the preppy side, they have some nice dresses and basics. We got our swimsuits there, skirted tankinis -- very sweet. Hanna Andersson - a bit pricey, but watch the sales on-line and its more reasonable. Talbots Kids has some sophisticated, some sweet (grandma shops there, or watch the sales). You might try CWD kids on-line - I haven't ordered from them, but I like what they offer.
I've signed up with these websites, so I get emails constantly, but they let me know when there is a sale.

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