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July 27, 2007



Really enjoyed this, Jackie.


Thanks Jan I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I wasn't sure how it would go over--my sense of humor is considered quirky at times...


I like your quirky sense of humor. That's one way I get through the over whelmed times, and quirky works for me! It helps me let go of myself or the part of me that is attached to worry. We are not very happy about the "proof of progress" that we have to submit every year, either. We also choose the CAT because it seems to be the least invasive for us. As much as we downplay the test, it has effects that I cannot deny. We try to make light of it, to validate whatever feelings may pop up about it, to minimize the "importance" of it, but there still are a few tears shed over it and there are still frustrated moments over it because it can be hard to say "this test doesn't matter at all" when it does matter. My children have to complete it, and they have to score well enough on it to "pass" and they know it.. even if it's as "generous" as the 4th stanine or above, the idea of taking a test to prove you learned enough to a stranger is just plain off to an unschooled child. In public school land, that is a given. In "we learn because we love to and not for a test land and we don't learn this way land" it's a mind boggling oddity that says a stranger is watching you to see if you learn the "right" things in the "right" year and if you don't they will put you on probation, and if you don't the next year, they will take you away from home and force you to go to school. Never mind the fact that the school can fail a child miserably and still keep him. The idea that the results of a test can actually lead to a child being taken from a parent and sent to school is crazy. The idea that the results on a test can determine the way a child is taught and can dictate how a child experiences childhood is also insane. Of course, I don't tell my children this, but they know it anyway. They know the test means something very important to someone who says it must be done, and they know there are "right" and "wrong" answers (aren't these kinds of tests a little odd with the answers at times?) that they are supposed to know. Why else do they have to do it? They also know on another level how ridiculous it is. So we focus on that and on the silly, funny things about it as well as the game aspect of it... some parts they have decided are actually kind of fun, like those paper placemats they hand out at restaurants for kids to pass the time with. Thanks for this post.:-)


I so glad we don't have to test here in Kentucky. I don't think I could stand the anxiety. Two of my kids are terrible test-takers.


Your love, dedication, and clear thinking came through loud and clear when you detailed what the test CAN'T count. You brought tears to my eyes and helped me renew my commitment to homeschool my quiet, artistic girl.
Thanks for sharing your day filled with doubts. It's as important as sharing the days when we absolutely know we made the right choice.


What a fantastic post! I had to laugh at your 10 yr old saying Clorox for Colorado. The other day my husband had made a grocery list and my 11 yr old swore he read SPAM on the list. It was salami, not SPAM and he insisted it was SPAM and that was what his Dad wanted. It was so absurd since we don't eat SPAM around here AND I would NEVER buy it...your post made me laugh thanks!

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