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September 09, 2007



Wow Christine, what an informative post! We are considering piano lessons next year so your post came at just the right time for us. I love all the details about Ezra--I can just picture a little guy with a ukulele and a drumstick--I hope you took lots of pictures! Thanks for sharing your experience.

Daniels Counter

Friends of mine recently started the Suzuki Method on there 2 1/2 year old. Frankly I was shocked. Regardless how many good things are said out this, and the fact that critique is by en large absent, and knowing that his parents are middle class achievers, I fear the worst for the little boy. I myself am MSC qualified sports coach and I had to go rigorous ethical training let by a former gymnast Olympian trainer. She and others questioned the entire industry of pushing one talent how ever ethically it is being taught. I am also a musician and I agree that music can act a language surrogate, but frankly even the fact that the child is requesting to play and learning by repetition does not negate the clear directions of the carers or parents. Instead children should be able to experience as many different things as possible. Choice of a single expertise is something that should not even be discussed before the age of 17 or 18, never mind at 2 and a half. This is my gut feeling, and had I had time I would take the time and research it properly. Nice child friendly teachers or not, the question is if in the concentration on one thing (a violine, pianon or similar) middle class parents are denying their children wholesome development .

Only one thing I do believe is true, that is that the focus on reading only is one that also begs questioning. We have a high amount of dyslexia in al societies, and is simply because instructions by a book are a new human evolutionary development. Most skills for most people on earth through the longest time of humans evolution was through personal instruction, imitation and repetition. So on that scale Suzuki was right, but it is hardly a miraculous discovery, just an antithesis to 19th century European education values, which Japan as a matter of fact took pain to introduce as it raced to modernize in that period.

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