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October 30, 2007



I love being an oddball. And I can't help but wonder if the 'popular' types deep down feel odd, too -- only maybe they worry about it rather than embrace it. I love having no idea what product another mom is looking for in a store because her kid saw it on TV. This kind of ignorance really is bliss.

Jan Zeiger

So true.. I taught low-income kids for several years and was often baffled at the fact some of them had the latest and most expensive tennis shoes and clothing. Not all, of course, but many of my kids whose parents were truly struggling were dressed to the nines.. I assume it was because they wanted their kids to fit in.

Opal Tribble

It seems that most of the groups I identify with are considered "odd" it's not something I do purposely but they groups I'm affiliated with happen are usually seen as "odd". For the most part my family has been supportive of my homeschooling a few batted an eye since I'm a single mom they did not think it could be done. I told them I can do it.



Crimson Wife

This is a major reason why I've chosen to homeschool. I hate all the materialism in our area and was very disappointed to see how prevalent it is in even the parochial schools which are *supposed* to be teaching children Jesus' message of simplicity. It's hard to go against the prevailing consumer culture but we're trying to "walk the walk" and not just pay lip service to the teachings of our faith.


It irks me to no end to see my students on free lunch wearing tennis shoes I can't even afford to buy my own kids. But, that's another rant. I have to say that I commend people who homeschool their children and do it the right way. Just like in public schools, you will have some that aren't done right but most of the kids who have been homeschooled are far more advanced socially and academically then the students at my school. I have been lucky enough to have some homeschoolers actually do some volunteer service with my classroom to help my students with their work. This has been a wonderful experience!


" The parents "were choosing their child's psychological desires over their own material needs.'"

I've worked with someone on research that had some of this in it. This sentence jumped out at me. This means that parents are NOT EATING in order to ensure there kids have things that will help them fit in. Seriously. NOT EATING. This is more than just out of hand.

Tina Essert

We have many similar posts in our blogs. I had not read that report you mentioned, though I could have guessed. Sad.

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