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November 02, 2007



Still laughing! I have three and at this point I insist that my youngest change her clothes at least every other day!
Peace and Laughter,

Muddy Mama

I loved this post! I have a few of those little skicky faced children in my own home, and am loving every minute of it. There is a reason my own blog is titled Muddy Bathwater!

Crimson Wife

When my oldest was little, I always matched my outfit to hers. Now that I've got 2, it's all I can do to have each person's outfit match itself. I have this feeling as our family gets larger even that will go out the window! When I was growing up, it always drove me nuts that my mom would let my youngest brother go out in public wearing 1 red boot and 1 green but now I have way more sympathy for her :-)


lol!!! Thank you for this post! I was a little neurotic about my first son, ok, maybe a lot neurotic. I was a divorced mom and I thought people would judge me by how my child looked. I also ran a daycare out of my home, mostly toddler girls and I even went and bought them each a brush for my house and hair do- dads for if they lost theirs during the day. I always cleaned them up the best I could and restyled their hair before their mom picked them up. Then my little boy turned 3!!!! Boys at 3 ATTRACT DIRT!!! There is no getting around it. I finally had to lighten up or go crazy. I chose to lighten up!!! :)


ROFL! My evolution in my 20+ years of parenting has been monumental. I had a baby 16 years after my first....that, more than ANYTHING, revealed to me just how far I had come!! Thanks for a GREAT post!


When I would see babies in only diapers, I would think, "Why doesn't that kid have clothes on?"

Now I understand. She did have clothes on. In fact, her mother dressed her in a cute outfit and even fixed her hair. That was twenty minutes ago before the dress-up drawer was raided.


This is an excellent post! And so well said!


Those were the days... I actually dressed my kids according to who we were going to run into that day. I wanted people who had purchased my kids clothes to see my kids in those clothes. Now if the clothes fit we're good.

Rob at Kintropy

Thanks for sharing your story & your transition-in-thinking. My wife and I embraced entropy early, but I think everyone starts out at the sweat-all-the-small-stuff level. Then the kids turn out to be *our* teachers, and they do a pretty good job shaking some of our assumptions loose.


LOL I was grinning along because I was one of those moms. My child was clean, matching, and snot free. Now I have two boys, I'm lucky to have them dressed at all anymore. LOL

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