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January 27, 2008



This is a brilliant article and observation. I have one very techy son, and both my boys love all things pop culture and technologically cutting edge. I see the disdain in body language all around us when folks realize we don't limit their access to these things. And thank you for the word 'touchpoints', because this helpfully sums up the connections that happen because of these cultural understandings.

I get the whole "but what about touching nature" thing, but we live in the middle of windswept cornfields and can't help but live a very interconnected life with nature and all its gifts and challenges on a daily basis. Even if we didn't - to each his own.

Maybe it's true that others 'just don't get it' when it comes to our method of integration - you're right that it doesn't have to be disdainful. I find it awe-inspiring instead.


Here is an interesting podcast of an interview with Sir Ken Robinson, who is enlightened in matters of learning and creativity. He speaks of young people and their connection with technology, and our role as "outsiders" to guide them but allow the online flow of ideas to flourish.



I'm glad you've posted this. This very issue has been an ongoing one with my son. Our current standard educational is decades (dare I say "centuries"?) behind in adapting to the needs and abilities of their students. Books? Bah. Online source? Yah.

I'll spare you the rant of the issues related to the perceived deficits in socialization with the DN generation as I already ranted on my own blog about it some time ago.


Brilliant, Laureen. As usual.

To those with DN's who are also nerds, I encourage a read of Rand's complimentary post: The Nerd Handbook http://www.randsinrepose.com/archives/2007/11/11/the_nerd_handbook.html

Now mind you, while all nerds are DN's not all DN's are nerds. However, there is a strong overlap in the concepts of "touchpoints" here and "relevancy" there. DN's find little patience reserved for the irrelevant. However, I find their appreciation for irreverent endlessly entertaining. I would have been hard pressed not to burst out loud laughing at the blue pill reference. In the same way I sent an entire room into gales of laughter during a bug meeting once when my as yet to be born 3rd child rolled around in my stomach and I noted, "It's got a wonderful defense mechanism. You don't dare kill it."

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