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February 23, 2008



Thank you for this overview and the links. My daughter is in 3rd grade and was in a waldorf school in our home state, Oregon. When we moved to NYC we learned that the only waldorf school anywhere near us costs $26K per year (plus feels more like typical NY private school than waldorf) so we opted for public school. We are missing the waldorf rhythms and routines and I am considering waldorf homeschooling next year. We have never been waldorf hardliners and it's nice to hear that there are others who try to toe the line as we do with TV and culture in general. Thanks again, this was very useful.


The dogma and near-religion of a Steiner/Waldorf education put us off over 20 years ago when we were looking for a school for our daughter. We continued to homeschool her but I kept an interest in Steiner education for the very reasons you mention in your blog.

Life does need to slow down for children today and reconnect with humanity and culture, and nature. I hope that Steiner/Waldorf inspired home education continues to grow and that it will touch the lives of many more children learning in freedom.



Steiner was part of the Theosophical Society. However, he did not found this organisation as it predates him. It was Anthroposophy that Steiner founded, not Theosophy (they are different).

Tina Essert

Thank you for pointing that out. I thought that I might have those terms backwards and meant to look it up (and not having done so is inexcusable). I often do that inversion with regard to Anthro-vs-Theo-sophy. I suppose I'm relieved that I've finally quit accessing my creative writing background and saying Anthropomorphism instead of Anthroposophy! ;-)
In order to keep the relevance of your post I will leave the error in the original text unless I post it elsewhere or submit it to a carnival.
Thanks again,

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