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December 01, 2008



Nice post. I've always said that homeschooling is about more than math and language arts.

Crimson Wife

It always annoys me when I hear people claim that democracy in the U.S. depends on government-run schools. What's so democratic about the typical government-run school? Not much in my view...


Great post. I agree with you completely on this. With birth too. It is one thing I have a hard time with. Very few people agree with me on my views of homeschooling and even fewer agree with my views on the "birth system" in this country. Many people are too afraid to tip as you call it the sacred cow of the "experts" of education and too many are afraid of the almighty OB cow. It is why our C-section rate is so high, along with fetal and maternal death rates. It is also a giant lack of education- in both worlds of public education and birth.


As I always tell people, nursing is a lot like teaching. You need the job, you (at some point) thought you were helping those in need and you are forced into ridiculous protocols that mean you are never allowed to see your patients/children as the unique individuals they are, so the whole system is screwed by what YOU don't know about them and their situation and how YOU treat them like everyone else.
That said, I also tell everyone that's why I refuse to public school from K-3rd grade. THose years are the ones they use to break the children into the "raise your hand, sit and don't speak" mindset and frankly, if you need any better indicator...we manage to convince whole generations to ignore their need for food, water and basic hygiene on the basis of protecting "crowd control" efforts without ever considering the far reaching effects on obesity, basic exercise, urinary and kidney tract or women's disorders. It's ridiculous.
::off the soapbox, back on the couch::


You said: "I could cry, and maybe sometime later, I will. But for me, that was absolutely tied into the culture of our educational system."

I don't think it is tied to our educational system - i think you can take a step back and just tie it into our culture, period. It is enforced and engrained by our educational system, sure. Truly, though, the "sit down, shut up and do as your told" really begins at home in our culture. The majority of us here don't follow that parenting model; however, a good portion of parents in the US DO follow that model. Otherwise, the Super Nanny wouldn't be such a popular show.

I immediately thought of two authors as I read this post: Alfie Kohn and Derrick Jensen. If you haven't read anything by them, I would suggest Alfie Kohn "Unconditional Parenting" and "A Language Older than Words" by Derrick Jensen. Really puts things into a new perspective....


Hey Sara!

I think we're in a chicken-and-egg discussion. Where do parents *learn* that sit down and shut up was a good idea? School. So then they bring it to the home, where it informs their parenting, then the kids are sent to school... and around and around.

I haven't blogged about it, because there's just no way to say it well, but part of our decision to homeschool was a form of breaking the cycle. Hm. Maybe I will blog about that after all. Stay tuned...

P.S. I have read Alfie, haven't read Jensen, but my mother has been pushing me to do so for some time.


The "mother" of all of this is Alice Miller. JMHO.

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