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February 09, 2009


Shannon Criscola

I really enjoyed reading this, great essay. It makes me sad that some people, most people, in fact, will never "get" this concept.


The wheel was invented by a "lazy" person. Also the computer.


Thank you for this! You may be interested in the views of a newspaper columnist who calls himself "The Idler." Here is one of his essays, which I hope you enjoy: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/family/familyadvice/3355719/Idle-parenting-means-happy-children.html

Patricia Hope

Hi Becky,
Thank you for posting on this subject.
I don't how the backtrack stuff works but I have posted about this blog entry in my blog. I pasted most of it and created a link to your site.


Great post.
Sara, that article was excellent. I can't wait to read more of his parenting articles.


Very good post - thought-provoking. I've been thinking about it on and off all morning...

Candy Cook

Would these adults believe a baby, lying on a blanket and drooling all over itself, to be lazy? The baby is permitted to "do nothing" all day... laze around, stare at objects, babble and coo.. and no one thinks the baby is lazy. We know, the baby is learning... s/he's processing information, formulating plans, thinking, exploring, trying.. even though, from the outside, it looks as if nothing is really happening much. The baby is permitted to teach himself how to walk, how to roll over, how to get cheerios into his mouth, and he's permitted to take his time without being thought of as lazy.

At what point does this change? And if you're not performing someone else's demanded tasks according to someone else's standards, you're lazy? or disordered? At what point does "teaching yourself," or "learning on your own," become seen as laziness?


Have a look at "The Idle Parent" by Tom Hodgkinson (editor of "The Idler" mentioned above) - I'm half way through it & it's a real breath of fresh air, thought provoking & reassuring!
Enjoyed your article too!

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